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terms of sale

since all our jewelry is handmade using selected natural gemstones, and since each gemstone is a creation of nature, each of our jewelry pieces is distinct. all weights or sizes mentioned are approximate but in almost all cases the jewel you receive shall exceed the listed specifications.

shipping and insurance costs are added to all orders. we do not charge for handling or packing your shipment, unless we must pay for special packing materials. all packages are sent via insured &registered express air-mail.

always inspect the package before you sign for it. all our shipments are insured. if you notice that a shipment is damaged, opened, or has been tampered with in transit, note your observations on the carrier's paperwork when you receive it and inform us of the same immediately. you must also contact the carrier immediately and file a claim if a shipment is damaged, opened, or tampered with in transit. some carriers require that you not open a shipment before they inspect it as a damaged goods claim. at the very least, retain all cartons and packaging materials until after an inspection of the damaged shipment has been made by the carrier.

we accept returns on our merchandise that is unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. any jewels that are used, damaged, or not in the original packaging (i.e. goods that cannot be sold as new) are considered to be used. it is mandatory to inform us within three days of reciept else we will decline the return. any returns made without informing us / without our authorization or not sufficiently packaged will be refused. items returned from outside INDIA must be clearly marked as PREVIOUSLY CLEARED GOODS RETURNING TO INDIA on all customs documents and associated paperwork. if this is not done, any tax and duty we must pay to receive these goods will be deducted from your return. returns must include a copy of the invoice and a note of explanation. all shipping and insurance costs for returns are the customer's responsibility.

we adhere to all tax laws as required within new delhi, india. hence all sales are made keeping in mind the sales and tax laws jurisdiction applicable in new delhi, india.

we will not honour nor impose errors on our website (pricing errors, typographic errors, omissions, additions, etc.). we try our utmost to avoid any error in understanding or error in communication and reserve the right to not enter into any financial transaction which would hurt our clients or ourselves. prices may change without notice due to variable manufacturing costs and currency exchange rates.

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