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diamonds were created deep within the core of the earth under extremely high pressure and temperature, and brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. the age of most diamonds is estimated to be more than 100 million years.

a diamond has an almost unique power of light reflection. it sparkles with fire and brilliance. it is composed of a single unadulterated element - carbon and it is the hardest transparent substance known to man.

india was the only source of diamonds in the ancient world. diamonds mined in the golconda region - known as golconda diamonds - were the only diamonds avaliable till almost the 17th century. these are not mined any longer but golconda diamonds are still considered the best diamonds in the world. old pieces are usually found rose-cut or antique-cut, but recut to modern brilliant cut specifications, they far surpass diamonds found in other mines. most diamonds are mined in africa, australia, russia along with other areas. india is the leading diamond processing country in the world.

a diamond's complex characteristics cannot be duplicated and no two diamonds can ever be the same. more than 250 tons of ore need to be mined and processed to yield just one carat of rough diamond of which only 20 percent are suitable for gem cutting.

'the 4 Cs of diamonds'



'the diamond ring'
as seen during a complete solar eclipse

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