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gemstone care

gemstones and jewelry set with gemstones are natural resources handcrafted by man into art and ornaments to be treasured. if their beauty is well looked after they can become posessions to be treasured for generations.

some gemstones require special care, but certain basic precautions apply to all jewelry. avoid excessive impact, extreme temperature changes and contact with chemicals. hair spray, perfume and perspiration cause gems & jewelry to become dull. apply makeup before putting on jewelry. take care when removing jewelry to wash your hands. do not leave your it on the rim of a sink where it (or any loose gemstone) may easily slip down the drain. after wearing jewelry, always wipe it carefully to remove any body oil or perspiration before storing it.

piling jewelry in a drawer or case may result in gemstones (even diamonds) getting scratched. store each piece individually wrapped in soft colth, in soft pouches or gemstones in gem packets made specifically for the purpose.

gemstone jewelry can be maintained with a mild jewelry cleaner. often the brilliance can be restored simply by using a mild soap or detergent in warm water with a soft brush or a baby tooth brush. rinse under warm water and then pat dry with a non-abrasive cloth.

do not expose your precious gemstones to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents. these corrosive chemicals may erode the finish and polish of gemstones and jewelry.

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